Al-Abed Al-Haq, Tafila Technical University, Tafila, Jordan. E-mail:
Online Published: January 31, 2016
doi:10.5539/ijel.v6n1p150 URL:

The main purpose of this study was to measure the extent of acceptability of Arabicized business terms. The present study investigated the attitudes of business students toward the Arabicization of business terms. Besides, it drew attention to the criteria of acceptability to be taken into consideration in the Arabicization process to produce acceptable business terms. Finally, it brought into focus the role of gender, university affiliation, and specialization
in the Arabicization process of business terms. A total of two hundred questionnaires were distributed to business students at the University of Jordan and Yarmouk University. It has been found that Arabicized business terms were moderately accepted by the users. Overall, users’ attitude toward Arabicized business terms was somewhat positive. Gender and university affiliation variables had influence on these criteria. Like the specialization variable,
they caused different attitudes toward these terms. Enthusiasm toward the idea of Arabicization because of pan-Arab identity was strong. This study could be useful for Arabicization decision makers to get acceptable Arabicized business terms. It is the first step towards enhancing understanding of gender role in the Arabicization process. This study also has implications for further research into the importance of Arab nationalism in promoting
Arabicized terms.
Keywords: Arabicization, business terms, terminology planning, acceptability

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