Director of Marketing is one of the key positions in the market economy. We interviewed representstives of 36 Russian organizations and created a ranking of the main duties of Marketing Director in Russia.

Research Question: What are the main Job responsibilities of Marketing Director in Russia and their rating.

Data and Methodology. We asked 36 representstives of Russian business organizations in January 2016. The sampling method is a snowball technique, method of qiestionarry was used.

Results. The rating of Job Responsibilities of Marketing Director in Russia is the following:

1) Marketing Director prepares proposals on pricing and product policy of the company.

2) Director of Marketing develops advertising campaigns and promotions to stimulate sales, ensure their implementation.

3) Marketing Director provides a comprehensive collection and analysis of information on the market, competitors, consumer preferences. He/she organizes realization of marketing studies.

4) Marketing Director provides a system for tracking the views of consumers about the product. Based on the results of marketing research Marketing Director makes proposals to improve the product.

5) Marketing Director makes proposals for the development of new markets and emerging consumer segments.

As we can see the advertising and sales promotion in the first places, and competitor analysis and opinions of customers are in the last places. It shows a lack of long-term interests of Russian business and it’s aspirations to obtain short-term profits.

Work, Employment and Society Conference. Leeds, University Business School, University of Leeds. 06-08 September 2016

©Mariia V. Rubtcova (Saint Petersburg State University)

©Oleg V. Pavenkov (St. Petersburg University of Cinema and Television)

©Vladimir Pavenkov (St. Petersburg University of Cinema and Television)




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